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Volunteer With Us

  • If you are interested in becoming a phone volunteer with us, applications are closed for now – check out our expression of interest form to be notified of when they re-open by clicking here! 
  • More information on the training process can be found below:

For the students of DBS, MU, NCAD, RCSI, TCD, TUD & UCD – NiteLine is a listening and information service run by students for students. You can contact NiteLine by phone (1800 793 793) or on instant messaging via

We offer a confidential, anonymous, non-judgemental and non-directive service. Volunteers will undergo a challenging, extensive, and rewarding training process.

NiteLine recruits both call-taking and publicity volunteers.

All our volunteers develop valuable, life-long skills and
experiences and are offered incredible personal and professional opportunities. Skills include:

Active listening
Event management
Public speaking

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join NiteLine?

Any student of DBS, MU, NCAD, RCSI, TCD, TUD and UCD. NiteLine accepts students of all ages, genders, and academic backgrounds.

What’s the difference between a publicity and call- taking volunteer?

Publicity volunteers do not take calls, instead they run events on their own college campuses to raise awareness about NiteLine throughout the year.

How much training is involved with being a publicity volunteer?

Publicity volunteers attend a 60 minute workshop before being able to represent NiteLine on their campus.

How much training is involved with being a call- taking volunteer?

Volunteers must undergo 24 hours of training as well as practise calls that must be completed outside training sessions. The 2020/2021 training will be done online via Zoom twice a week over 4 weeks as in-person training is not possible for the foreseeable future.

Will there be any in-person training this year?

In-person training is an aspect of NiteLine that we consider very important in integrating new volunteers into our organisation. However, for health and safety during the Covid-19 situation, this is not possible yet. While we hope that we may be able to run some in-person training later in Semester 1, there is no guarantee of this.

How often do volunteers take calls?

Volunteers typically do two shifts a month. Volunteers are able to submit their availability a month in advance and can swap shifts if necessary.

How is NiteLine operating during Covid-19?

As discussed above, training will be carried out online via Zoom. Our volunteers usually take calls from our office in Dublin City Centre. However, depending on Public Health guidance, volunteers may be asked to take instant messaging calls from home.

How do volunteers get home when their shift ends?

NiteLine provides free taxis for all its volunteers, ensuring everyone gets home safely.