Our Volunteers

“Listening to someone who is perhaps depressed, worried, frightened and / or suicidal and who doesn’t know where to turn to, is perhaps the most valuable thing we can do for a fellow human being.”

Niteline volunteers are both male and female, from all the colleges and represent all the faculties. Volunteers are students themselves. They are in a position to understand the pressures of college life and to relate to the problems that students can face.

Volunteers are required to be discreet about their involvement in Niteline. Volunteers are chosen for their ability to listen and accept rather than for any professional qualifications that they might have.

Public Faces

Our public faces include…

Czara (Head of Publicity):

When she’s not meditating in obscure places, Czara is in charge of publicising our service to all our colleges. Thanks Czara – stay Zen!

Adam (MU):

Adam is studying Law in Maynooth – but don’t let that fool you! He loves letting his beautiful curly hair down at the weekends.

Doireann (Coordinator):

Doireann likes to think she’s our powerful overlord. In reality she’s a self-proclaimed professional dog-spotter who snorts when she laughs.

Logan (TCD):

Logan is a final year Neuroscience student in TCD. Logan doesn’t always like being a final year Neuroscience student in TCD, but Logan doesn’t like to dwell on that too much.

Nic (RCSI):

Nic is our magical med student from RCSI. Having travelled all over the world, he’s got more stories than this two sentence introduction will allow for!