Our Volunteers

“Listening to someone who is perhaps depressed, worried, frightened and / or suicidal and who doesn’t know where to turn to, is perhaps the most valuable thing we can do for a fellow human being.”

Welcome to the ‘Our Volunteers’ page, here you’ll find you information about NiteLine volunteers as well as a link to our volunteer blog!

Our volunteers are both male and female, from all the colleges and represent all the faculties. Volunteers are students themselves. They are in a position to understand the pressures of college life and to relate to the problems that students can face.

Volunteers are required to be discreet about their involvement in NiteLine. Volunteers are chosen for their ability to listen and accept rather than for any professional qualifications that they might have.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click here.

To read our volunteer blog please click here about the student experience. These entries document the struggles our own volunteers have faced, as well as their successes and even some tips for getting through student life when it all feels a bit tough.

Public Faces

Our public faces include…

Pran (Coordinator):

Our lovely coordinator for the year, Pran has been volunteering with us since his first week of lectures. You can find him running around town or buying every last pack of Chocolate Oatly. 

Dori (Head of Publicity)

Dori (not Dory) is our Head of Publicity for the academic year. If she’s not busy gaming or buying pretty floral things, she’s busy coordinating our publicity team.

Adam (Public Face):

A smile worth a thousand watts, Adam is our lovely public face hailing from county Mayo, and we can go on about how awesome he is, but you can always find out yourself.

Charlotte (TCD)

She’s a final year psychology student and also our TCD Public Face. We can’t be sure if she reads minds, but she’s a sound active listener.

Czara (Public Face)

Our former Head of Publicity and one of the hardest workers in the room, we are so very glad to have her on the team!


Hazel (Public Face)

Pharmacy student by day and helpline volunteer by night, Hazel is our RCSI Public Face for the year.

Rosie (NCAD)

When she’s not busy traveling the far reaches of the world or turning her artistic vision into tangible pieces, Rosie volunteers with us. An absolute star of a volunteer, be sure to say hi to her if you see her around!