College Burnout and Mental Health – Anonymous Volunteer

College can be tough. I think that a lot of people feel that ‘goes without saying’, but I feel it’s important to recognise that out loud every now and then. College can be tough, it can be stressful, upsetting, and a harsh environment to be in day-to-day. Often, the people around you don’t understand fully the impact third level education can have on your health, mentally and physically. Family, friends, co-workers. We all have our own issues in the lives...


An Unexpected and Abrupt Goodbye to College – Charlotte, TCD Public Face

My first memory of hearing anything about Covid-19 was in January. I was sitting with my work friends, just before the start of my final semester ever at Trinity, and somebody told me that China had just built a hospital in 6 days. “6 days! Wow fair play to them, imagine if our health system was that efficient”, was all I really thought at the time. I went back to college, dove straight into dissertation mode, went to friends’ birthday...