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Staying Social in a Pandemic – Anonymous Volunteer

The pandemic has seen an increase in loneliness and isolation for many: young people transitioning from secondary school to college as well as students who are dealing with a gaping hole where their social life once was. It is very easy to feel like you are alone in college at the moment which can make productivity and motivation really tough. I was struggling to see how to keep social when I was unable to meet up with...


My Experience Training with NiteLine – NiteLine Volunteer

Back in the summer, I heard that the lovely people at Niteline were looking for volunteers, and I was interested in getting involved with an organisation that is helping so many students. I joined the organisation and began training in August, albeit under much different circumstances with coronavirus! The training took place on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday for three hours at a time to learn the various skills needed to provide the service. The first session was...


“Shur look, don’t we have our health, isn’t that the main thing?” – NiteLine Volunteer

The fear that COVID-19 could come knocking at our door any moment has created a reality with two rival thought patterns. On one hand, we are critically aware of our mental health. We hear ads for helplines that will aid the loneliness, see exercise regimens that are supposed to combat the anxiety, and bake banana bread to give ourselves a sense of purpose and accomplishment. We understand that we can’t be at our happiest right now, and we...


Staying Open-Minded In College – Beth (Maynooth Public Face)

I still remember filling out my CAO, not having a clue what I was doing, and scared about the uncertainty of the future. I was putting down courses just for the sake of it. Two years later, and this uncertainty has turned into a wonderful experience filled with laughter, stress, cramming, adventure, excitement and memories that will stay with me forever. College so far has been an experience that has taught me so much, and I have yet to learn more....