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Graduation – Anonymous Volunteer

Graduation. That big day we all work so hard towards, the cap and gown, staged photographs, and hoping you don’t trip across the stage. Or in a year of a pandemic, watching your name scroll past on a screen and celebrating in lockdown. It’s what we work so hard for, years of being a student and getting to experience all those highs and lows and sticking with it regardless. I know I barely focused on much else when doing my...


Underrated 80’s Albums: A Connoisseur’s Perspective – Graham Kelly (Public Face)

Music has a lot of emotional power, and the 1980s was a decade that produced some incredible music. Trinity College Public Face Graham Kelly unearths some hidden gems. We most all have hobbies or interests that we can rely on to help put us back in a better mood when we’re feeling down, and for me music is something that can kind of help transport me to a bit of a different world when I want to...


Staying Social in a Pandemic – Anonymous Volunteer

The pandemic has seen an increase in loneliness and isolation for many: young people transitioning from secondary school to college as well as students who are dealing with a gaping hole where their social life once was. It is very easy to feel like you are alone in college at the moment which can make productivity and motivation really tough. I was struggling to see how to keep social when I was unable to meet up with...


My Experience Training with NiteLine – NiteLine Volunteer

Back in the summer, I heard that the lovely people at Niteline were looking for volunteers, and I was interested in getting involved with an organisation that is helping so many students. I joined the organisation and began training in August, albeit under much different circumstances with coronavirus! The training took place on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday for three hours at a time to learn the various skills needed to provide the service. The first session was...