Staying Open-Minded In College – Beth (Maynooth Public Face)

I still remember filling out my CAO, not having a clue what I was doing, and scared about the uncertainty of the future. I was putting down courses just for the sake of it. Two years later, and this uncertainty has turned into a wonderful experience filled with laughter, stress, cramming, adventure, excitement and memories that will stay with me forever. College so far has been an experience that has taught me so much, and I have yet to learn more....


How to Keep Calm in Lockdown – Anonymous Volunteer

Being a university student right now isn’t easy. Lately, I have found myself feeling angry, panicked, or disheartened by the opportunities we’ve lost and the uncertainty of what’s to come. It’s hard to listen to celebrities preaching from their million-dollar mansions about how lockdown is a time for self-growth while we’re stuck back in our childhood bedrooms with an abundance of college work. With the surge of Covid cases after Christmas and several deadlines looming, I found myself in an...


Exam Stress – Getting Through It!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? The Christmas lights on Grafton Street, hot chocolate with friends and trying to figure out what to get for your secret Santa. But yet, there seems to be something stopping you from enjoying it to its fullest – exams. We’ve all been there, sitting in a cold exam hall on a dark December evening, trying to write out that five page essay as quickly as possible, or remember that...

Entry 5

Letting Go of the ‘Perfect’ College Experience – Anonymous Volunteer

I remember my first freshers week really vividly – I felt a strong mixture of emotions, from anxiety to hope. I think the strongest feeling I felt was the sense of possibility, that my life would finally begin in college – I envisioned myself living the ‘perfect’ student life. In my mind, this included a wardrobe of trendy clothes, an instant friend group full of cool and intellectual people from all around the world, endless parties and social events, and...