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14 Dec

‘An Escape From Social Media’ – Anonymous Volunteer

My aim of this blog post is to show you how important a break from social media can be and how it is really beneficial for your own well-being to escape from the toxic world of social media.  Personally, when I’m scrolling through Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat I lose the concept of time and next thing I know I have been on my phone for hours doing nothing productive but looking at other people’s lives and unintentionally...

22 Oct

Away from Home – Life as an International Student

As an international student, I have two homes.  I am constantly away from a place I call home. I am away from my family, or away from my friends. Moving halfway across the world for college was difficult. But the most difficult part is getting attached to two places at the same time. At first, I struggled with feeling homesick no matter where I was. I was homesick here because I missed my family, and homesick with...